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Military dogs taking Xanax, receiving therapy, for canine PTSD

Once a military dog is diagnosed with PTSD, Dr. Burghardt works directly with veterinarians on treatment:

Since the patient cannot explain what is wrong, veterinarians and handlers must make educated guesses about the traumatizing events. Care can be as simple as taking a dog off patrol and giving it lots of exercise, play time and gentle obedience training. More serious cases will receive what Dr. Burghardt calls “desensitization counter-conditioning,” which entails exposing the dog at a safe distance to a sight or sound that might trigger a reaction—a gunshot, a loud bang or a vehicle, for instance. If the dog does not react, it is rewarded, and the trigger—”the spider in a glass box,” Dr. Burghardt calls it—is moved progressively closer until the dog is comfortable with it.

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